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There's no question that Registered Dietitians are experts in the field of nutrition.  However, they may need extra coaching and training to effectively apply their nutritional expertise in a retail or supermarket setting.  As a pioneer working in the retail setting, Karen can help up-and-coming Registered Dietitians break into the retail world with the confidence, knowledge and business skills needed to succeed.







Contact Karen to learn about custom training options & packages.


Karen served
Team Member

and Co-Author
for the 2015 
Supermarket Business & Industry Skills to Thrive in Retail Dietetics: Certificate of Training for the Academy of Nutrition
& Dietetics.

Interim Editor and 
Contributing Author to RDBA Weekly 
to help Retail RDNs build business skills for success

Karen shares her experience as a Contributing Author to Progressive Grocer Magazine

Karen has served on the 
Editorial Board for
Nutrition 411 

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