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  • Karen Buch RDN, LDN

Kale~from side-plate garnish to mainstream SUPERFOOD!

Organic Southwest Ranch Kale Krunch

This past summer I attended United Fresh Produce Expo held in Chicago, Illinois. While walking the expo floor, I discovered many new produce items and products including a delightful line of packaged Kale snacks called Alive & Radiant Foods Kale Krunch. Kale, known as the queen of the greens, is a veggie superpower that's packed with nutrition. But, as I often say: " It doesn't matter how nutritious a food is until we actually EAT it!" Kale has made an amazing transition from side-plate garnish to a main-stream SUPERFOOD. It is being used in everything from salads, soups and side dishes to smoothies and snacks. Delicious Kale Krunch snacks combine kale with other raw, organic veggies, fruits, nuts and spices to create Nature's Green Supersnack. For more info, visit Disclosure: I was provided free samples; however I was not compensated for my time to write this post and opinions are my own. Kale Krunch Organic Southwest Ranch (my personal fav)

2.2 ounce pouch

A unique blend of kale, cashews, sesame seeds, chick pea miso, chia seeds among other recognizable and flavorful ingredients

Raw ~ Vegan ~ Gluten Free ~ Organic

​Kale Krun​ch Quite Cheezy (their top seller)

2.2 ounce pouch

A fusion of nutrient-rich vegetables, superfoods and organic spices that offers a rich cheddar flavor without the cheese

Raw~Gluten Free ~Soy Free ~ Dairy Free

Other tasty varieties include:

Cheezy Chipoltle Kale Krunch
Spicy Superfood Kale Krunch

Organic Tarragon Dijon Kale Krunch
Chocolate Chip Kale Krunch

Teriyaki Greens Veggie Krunch

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