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  • Karen Buch RDN, LDN

Zing Nutrition Bars

Zing® Nutrition Bars were created by Registered Dietitian Nutritionists to provide smart balance of high quality protein, slow-burn carbs, good fats and dietary fiber. Specifically, they wanted to create a better on-the-go choice for their patients and their own kids that provides a steady release of energy with appetite satisfaction. Ingredients may include certified gluten free oats, organic fair trade dark chocolate, vegetable-based protein and agave syrup just to name a few. Available in 12 different flavors, each bar supplies between 190 to 220 calories including 10 to 15 g protein with a complete amino acid profile and low-glycemic carbs with 4 to 8 g fiber. These bars are suggested for long plane or car rides, kids’ snacks, sports, work day snacks and long walks or hikes.

Because I was completely unfamiliar with these bars, I requested samples of the six flavors that appealed most to me to taste-taste specifically for the purpose of writing this review. I need to begin by saying that I don’t personally choose to eat any of the leading brands of soft, pressed energy bars. When I do choose a portable snack bar, I typically look for crunchy ones made from whole, fully-recognizable foods such as whole nuts, dried fruits and rolled oats. Having said that, I entered into this product review keeping an open mind, yet harboring some doubts that I would become a raving fan. The product literature claims: “Finally, a healthy snack you’ll truly enjoy”. Of the six bars that I tried, I will separate them into a fruit-containing grouping and a chocolate-containing grouping. My top pick by far among the fruit-containing bars is the Cashew Cranberry Orange (which contains real dried cranberries and orange oil), followed by Almond Blueberry (although in my opinion, it needs more intense wild blueberry flavor) and Lemon Cashew Crunch (which offered good lemony flavor and the highest protein content at 15 grams). The remaining three among the chocolate grouping included, in order of my preference, Dark Chocolate Hazelnut (which had an outer coating of dark chocolate and tasted closest to a real chocolate bar), Dark Chocolate Mint (which also had an outer coating of dark chocolate and will appeal to the many people whose favorite Girl Scout Cookie is Thin Mints®), and Double Nut Brownie (which did not have an outer chocolate coating and, for me, sadly fell short of conjuring any of the indulgent enjoyment I get from eating a real brownie!). All in all, I liked the bars that I tasted and would rate them better than average compared to the leading brands of soft, pressed energy bars that I have tasted in the past. I can also say that my appetite was very-well satisfied for several hours afterward thereby delivering on their claim to provide “sustained energy in a convenient snack”. I also like the idea of supporting a food company that is created, owned and operated by registered dietitian nutritionists.

Visit for educational handouts, money-saving coupons and free individual or event samples. For more information and a store locator, visit: If you decide to give these a try, please share your experience. Comment below, tag NutritionConnectionsLLC on Facebook, or tweet @karenbuch using #FoodNewsReviews.


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